My newest hobby: sewing

As I’ve grown more fond of sewing, I’ve been flooding my facebook feed with posts about the clothes I’m making. From now on, I’ll be documenting that here. I think I’ll make a few posts discussing my past projects (and lessons learned), and then pick up with the project I’m working on now: 1024 Juniper, my first pair of pants by the trusty Colette Patterns.

But first, let’s give a hearty goodbye to my faithful Wal-Mart brand iron. It has kicked the bucket, the last straw being when it started to leak water all over the fabric I’m using for the Juniper pants.

That said, I’ve had it for at least 5 years, and it’s endured more abuse than I’d expect any $15 iron would. It now joins its fellow irons past, going to that great ironing heaven in the sky. Or maybe just a landfill, or Goodwill. Let’s not get too dramatic.


And now, to Target!


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