Help me, lords/ladies of fabric! You’re my only hope.

I’m completely stuck on this Colette Juniper project. I feel like I’ve done something wrong. The directions said to finish the edges of the pocket linings BEFORE you even line up the notches, thereby eliminating the notches! Ugh. Keep in mind this is my first pair of pants, so I have a lot to learn.

Can anyone help? I feel like the pockets aren’t lining up, and I don’t understand where I’m supposed to sew if I don’t know how/where they line up! There seems to be extra fabric in the area it’s telling me to stitch.

I'm stuck on 8-10.
I’m stuck on 8-10.
Here’s the pants with the pocket already attached.
Trying to line up the two pieces.
But what’s this extra piece all about?
I feel like something is wrong here.

3 thoughts on “Help me, lords/ladies of fabric! You’re my only hope.

  1. is it ok if you turn the pocket? if there’s extra, will it just get snipped off when you trim the seam allowance?

  2. it looks ok to me, maybe the pocket-fabric stretched out a little. In doubt I would try to sew it with really wide stitching, to see what it will look like, so if something is wrong its easy to undo the seams. 😉

    1. My friend and I had a little powwow over this. I think I sewed the wrong sides together … I’m going to pull out the seams and re-examine my previous steps! But yeah, I took your advice and tried sewing with a wide stitch to see if it would work out anyway, and something’s just wrong.

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