McCalls M6359 (it’s a halter-tunic?)

So I have to wait for Sarah to come over and help me figure out the pattern for those damn Colette Juniper pants. In the meantime, tonight I decided to re-make Tunic C from the McCalls M6359 pattern. Now, last time, I learned that it was a bad idea to actually follow the smallest size of the pattern, despite the measurements. They’re totally inaccurate.

I cut the smallest pattern size and here’s what I got last time:

This is AFTER I made some slight alterations. Ugh.

This time, I altered the pattern before I even cut out the fabric (which is what you’re supposed to do, I assume). I basically took out a lot of fabric, both from the yoke and from the front and back pieces (it was way too wide and long the first time).


It’s not completely done yet (I need to finish making and then sewing bias tape on the armholes), but it’s already looking better and fitting better than last time. I’ll update this post once it’s finished and show how it fits.




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