Cute Owl Apron (Butterick See & Sew B5551)

I seem to have 4 or 5 sewing projects going on at one time. This is an easy apron I made for my best friend Claire, who loves owls and picked out this print. Unfortunately, the print is very thick, and not suitable for apparel. I had planned to make her something she could wear out of the house, but we settled on an apron (she also loves cooking and baking).

I trimmed this with Wrights’ extra-wide, double-fold bias tape in bright pink. As you can see, I ran out before I could finish the top. As soon as Amazon gets more bias tape to my house, this will be added to the finished pile. And immediately given to Claire!




In related news, I knew that Colette patterns were made for women with slightly larger busts, but these measurements for the Licorice dress are ridiculous. I’m going to have to alter the bust, waist AND hip, all between 2-4 inches. I’m 32-26-36. Or sometimes 37, who knows. STILL. COME ON!

I have to accept that I’ll never fit right into a pattern, not even the indie ones. I guess most people don’t.



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