My first muslin


I’m making a dress for Ruben’s charity gala. I’m not going to know anyone there and figured it would be a good chance to meet new people, though those people might be like Ruben, and do I really need more pocket-sized hipster friends? But still. This is my first real, lined, invisible zipper dress, so I wanted to do a quick and dirty muslin for the bodice.

I’m using mccalls 6647 (above), a pretty new pattern, and it’s unique. I’m not using taffeta or chiffon as an overlay, but instead am working with polyester crepe de chine and regular lining fabric. Could backfire – I’ll see.

I’m really surprised. I may only have to do minor alterations. For once! I didn’t do a muslin of the skirt because honestly, a flowy skirt isn’t going to take a lot of work to make or fit.

I MAY even be able to do away with the invisible zipper. We shall see.




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