167526_585894825115_6575679_n (1)As part of the Summer Stashbust, I was going to make a shirt. But I got frustrated, as I do every time I make clothes. All patterns are sized WAY too large for me, especially on top. After I cut the fabric for the shirt, I almost threw my shears against the wall, because the shirt was obviously going to be way too big.

So, I’m trying something new! I’m taking this dress (see photo of me 5 years ago) and using it as a pattern. It fits perfectly, it’s my style, I can make it in a summery material, and it’s partially lined. I could make alterations to the sleeves to make them a little more summer-appropriate, but they sort of make the dress mod, so maybe not. I’ll use the soft cotton from my shirt attempt for the lining and some stretchy blue and white flower print as the main fabric. Let’s see how it turns out!


For sizing questions: My measurements are 33-26-37/38, a few inches larger than in the five-years-ago photo.

I tried to make the new dress without taking apart the old dress, but once I realized that the whole damn top was wonky, I gave up and pulled out the stitches holding together the original dress so that I could use the sleeve as a pattern piece. Then the sleeves didn’t fully match up and I had to alter and rig those to not look terrible.

I also tried to line the top of the dress, but then because the two large pattern pieces were not properly cut out in the first place (I hadn’t yet taken the dress apart), I ended up with some seams showing on the outside. I also had to use white bias tape for the neckline because I messed up the lining (definitely a lesson learned, there…).

This was my first time sewing anything stretchy, so I used a triple stitch with a 90/14 regular needle and hoped for the best. I ordered about a million 80/12 ballpoint needles, though, for next time.

Hopefully this beast doesn’t fall apart right away. The next one, though, is going to be AWESOME. I can’t wait to make it, knowing how much better it will be next time! It’s such an easy dress to make, too.

Final verdict? It’s not bad, it’s not great, but I like it! If it doesn’t disintegrate in the wash, i’ll be impressed.


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